Episode 16: October 2017 Trip Review - Baseline Taphouse at Hollywood Studios

Ok, I am excited for this one! Ever since Baseline Taphouse was announced not log ago (and then opened with even less notice) I have been waiting to check this out.

So after a morning at EPCOT's Food and Wine Festival, we took a trip to HS specifically to try this out.

First things first, this wouldn't be a real review with being honest, so I will start off with the one and only issue I saw, an issue that most likely was the result of this new spot having only been opened for a very short time. As you go in, there is no real line or formation on where to approach the bar, which has 4-5 registers and bartenders. The lines were backed up and no one seemed to know where to stand. 

A line similiar to Earl of Sandwich where you line up at one spot and go to the next available register would have made more sense.

Aside from that, every other thing about this place is 100% positive! 


Let's talk outside first. This will be (if it is isn't already) the new go to spot at HS for a drink and snack. There is a TON of outside seating, from picnic size tables to bar tops. I cannot wait to see this spot at night. Since it overlooks Sci-fi Dine In and the new Grand Avenue area, this will also be the best place to people watch, and who doesn't love that at Disney?


Let's talk inside! From Disney's site, "The interior aesthetics pay homage to the Figueroa Printing Company—a mom-and-pop print house that once enjoyed a flourishing partnership with Disney Studios. If you’d prefer the terrace, step outside and shade yourself under a picturesque tree canopy."

I love all the exposed brick and high cielings. There is not a ton of inside seating, but there is some.


This is drinks and snacks, so don't expect a full meal. Get the full menu here. They have suck an incredible selection of beer on tap. AND WINE! AND COCKTAILS!! Let's be honest, at $9.50 for a 22 ounce craft beer, this is some of the best priced alcohol in Disney.


After asking "What tastes most like Michelob Ultra?" (yes, my wife is THAT lady) she opted for the North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner, Fort Bragg and I picked the Green Flash Passion Fruit Kicker Wheat Ale, San Diego, both 22 ounces of course.

We added the House-made Sweet and Spicy Toasted Almonds and the Bavarian Pretzel with Beer Cheese Fondue and Spicy Mustard (but seeing as I loathe mustard, we had them double up on the beer cheese fondue). The kids had a Wild Strawberry Lemonade, which they make on site. 

The beers were both delicious and ice cold. The kids loved their lemonade.

The spiced almonds were similar to the roasted nuts you get at the food carts, but with a very subtle chili kick. 

The pretzel was the same you'd get a Germany in EPCOT, so it was delicious, hot and huge! The main difference was the beer cheese fondue, which I wish they would bottle and sell. I almost drank it straight from the cup but my wife gave me odd looks, like wives often do.

Overall, this is my new favorite Disney bar/lounge. I want to sit back with a cold brew one night and people watch for hours. And once A Galaxy's Edge opens, this will be fun to watch people come out of that land after having their mind's blown! 

Even if you are not a drinker, grab a lemonade and some food and enjoy this incredible new spot.