Episode 16: October 2017 Trip Review - Disney's Pop Century Resort Review

Pop Century has long been one of my favorite Disney resorts for many reasons. One being the fact that we have stayed at Pop the most of any resorts (due to value), so we have built a ton of memories there. But overall the food is good, the rooms are exactly what you'd expect, the price is great, the store rocks, and as Disney does, the pool side activities are outstanding! 

On our most recent trip we had the chance to stay in one of the newly refurbished rooms in Building 7. 

We put in a request for a new room, so did our travel agent, and upon check in, what do you know, we got a new room! In fact we got one in the most recently finished buildings.


Along with the inside refurb, the entire building got a fresh coat of paint and new room number signs.


The rooms were completely gutted and redone from floor to ceiling. They get hardwood style laminate flooring, new furniture and bedding. It is a very modern and sleek design.


While the old rooms tucked away a fridge in the main dresser console, the new rooms get their own space for fridge, snacks, and the addition of a coffee machine, which was never included in value rooms before. As a note, the coffee cups and lids they provide are meant to be reusable, so don't throw them away! We found that out the hard way and had to wait on new cups the second morning when we were ready for our coffee.


While it may not look like it, these fridges are much smaller in space than the previous ones. Let's just say they only go 3 beers deep! 


Plenty of rooms for snacks, so don't forget to bring them from home, of if you flew in, you can have Amazon deliver snacks for you! The addition of the coffee machine is my favorite for 2 reasons. 1) We were in THE furthest building from the quick service area. 2) Disney's coffee in their quick service areas is horrible.


To make the best use of space, they've gone away from a traditional 2 bed setup with separate table and chairs to one bed and a fold down Murphy Bed which has the table built in. This really opens up the room and makes for so much more space, which is a nice addition.


Murphy Bed Up! 


Murphy Bed Down! 

Here is 1 of 2 pieces of Disney art in the entire room. And while the bed is convenient and comfortable, and having it folded up leaves a ton of space, this is an area where Disney went for form over function. I actually miss the old 2 bed normal layout. Why? Well we tend to eat breakfast (at least) in the room, so that means the bed has to go back up, and all it allows for is the sheets. So we are left stacking tons of pillows, the kids pillow pets and their stuffed animals on our bed. 

It would be one thing if, when folded up, the table had a spot for 4 people to sit and eat, but like the old rooms, it only leaves two. Since these rooms are made for a family of 4, why not allow 4 to eat? 

The process of folding up and down the bed each day and night, seems to defeat a lot of the purpose of having it.


Standard bed. It is still a full bed, but the mattresses were upgraded to that of a moderate resort so they are much more comforhable.


This is the only other Disney art or theming in the entire room, which is one downfall. While these rooms are much more spacious, modern and are VERY nice, they lost the Disney feel, there is no nod to any specific decade (we were in the 80's section) and the hospital room style paint and lack of additional decor just leaves the room a little "cold".


Of course you can always add your own Disney touch by tuning the big screen Smart TV to any one of the several Disney channels they offer! 


The upgraded bath made incredible use of space. It has a Deluxe resort feel.


Yet again, awesome use of space in the bathroom remodel. There is plenty of room for everything, and an added sliding door shuts you off from the rest of the room so much better than the old style, which was a simple curtain.


Once again, form over function for the shower. It looks nice, it looks luxurious, but they gave up some shower space when switching to the glass doors, and when you are 6'3" and 220 like me, you every inch of space matters.

And this shower head, oh this shower head! There is ZERO pressure and it gets just hot enough to be enjoyable. 

The lack of a standard fan was also a letdown.

Overall, they did an amazing job with these rooms, and if they had addressed the lack of Disney decor and the wall paint, this would be one of my favorite rooms. Since the entire resort is so well themed and has that Disney touch around every corner, this will be the new go to spot for families looking for an amazing value.

You definitely get a Moderate to Deluxe room at a value price.